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Houston auto headliner repair and replacement. We offer the best quality, low cost headliners for your car, van, SUV, truck or vans and we guarantee the quality of our headliners unconditionally.

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Our Houston Auto Headliner Services

  • We guarantee your vehicle’s headliner is in stock at our warehouse
  • We offer same-day headliner repair or replacement
  • We repair or replace all vehicle headliners- for cars, trucks, vans, SUVs and RVs
  • No-leak warranty for as long as you own your vehicle
  • We provide air conditioned waiting area with free Wi-Fi and Cable TV
  • You won’t get a better deal! Guaranteed. Call us today.

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What is Car headliner and Why your headliner is sagging

Most cars, trucks, vans and SUVs built after the mid 70’s have what is called a fabric covered headliner board. This headliner board is usually made from pressed material, much like cardboard. That headliner board is then covered with a foam backed headliner fabric, which is glued directly to the board. In most cases, the sagging or separation occurs when the headliner fabric separates from the foam. if you see this in your vehicle, you need the help of a qualified Houston auto healiner repair and replacement specialist
Your car’s headliner will most likely sag five to ten year from its date of manufacture. This is often caused by the deterioration of the headliner’s foam rubber backing. The sun’s harmful UV rays and extreme cabin temperatures are often to blame.

Our Car Headliner Repair Promise

  • We guarantee your vehicle’s headliner repair unconditionally
  • We offer same-day headliner repair or replacement
  • We offer comfortable waiting area with free Wi-Fi and Cable TV
  • We guarantee you will not find lower price for your vehicle’s headliner
  • We give you free upfront price quote – No surprises
  • We will repair or replace your headliner the same day you bring your vehicle in
  • We will drive you back to your job or office if you choose not to wait – free
  • We assist with your auto insurance – where applicable
  • Call Or text Us 832-217-0430