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  • We offer same-day headliner repair or replacement
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How to repair a sagging car headliner

The problem is that the foam that is glued to the fabric. It becomes crumbly and disintegrates into messy little bits that get into your hair and all over your car’s interior. Trying to spray glue, while the headliner is still up there, won’t work for long. The foam will keep crumbling and glue won’t stick to it. It’s sort of like trying to glue some cloth to the ground. No way will it stick.the best thing to do is to remove hedliner sagging fabrics and replace it with a new one .

Saggy stoppers headliner repair

There is a temporary fix on the do-it-yourself aisles in the automotive weekend warrior stores. It is a product that has a little curly cue, and a clear plastic head. The product is called a “Saggy Stopper”. The clear head blends in with your headliner’s color. It looks promising for a temporary fix.

Sagging auto headliner repair videos

As many cars age, the headliner material on the ceiling of the passenger compartment will begin to sag. Sometimes the situation becomes so bad that the material will rip and fall and could obstruct the driver’s view, becoming a safety hazard. Even if it may not get to this point, it can be an irritation when the windows are open and the headliner is flapping in the breeze. This problem can be fixed simply call us  we be glad to help

How to repair a sagging car ceiling

Temporary fixes are simply not going to work. You have to take the headliner board out of your car. Then you have to brush off all the crumbly foam bits so that you have a firm surface to glue your new fabric to. If this seems too daunting a task then have a professional do the work.

Why my Headliner Falling?

After repairing nearly 10000 vehicles with headliner falling at Ramy’s Garage It’s not the glue that releases but the backing on the headliner material that deteriorates and then the headliner material and backing start to separate. This crumbling of the foam rubber portion of the headliner material is what creates the sagging. When this happens people will try all kinds of things to fix it, from injecting glue through the fabric with a syringe, stapling the fabric up, thumbtacks, whatever it takes to make the thing stay up. The problem is that this will keep getting worse as more and more of the headliner deteriorates, it will become a safety issue and it looks bad.

Having your headliner material replaced is an important safety concern.

A loose headliner can cause miscellaneous debris from the old worn out foam to fall into the eyes while driving or the loose fabric of the headliner can come off completely without warning causing a blinding hazard, especially if you are driving with the window rolled down. Most people wait too long before finally getting a new headliner. In my opinion, the main reason for this is simply because they don’t know what a headliner is much less where to go to get it replaced . That’s why articles like this are good reference for consumers. It helps those that are not so car savvy to become educated and are more familiar with the services upholstery shops at Ramy’s Garage  can provide. And for those that are very familiar with these services but would rather test the waters and try it yourself

Replacing Your Own Auto Headliner 

You may have wiring or other items under the headliner that could get damaged if you are not aware that they are there. Also, your specific vehicle headliner is attached, there are several different methods the car manufacturer uses to attach the headliner to the ceiling such as rods, clips or pressure. After nearly 35 years of repairing and replacing auto headliner at Ramy’s Garage we can do the job for you better faster and cheaper and a lot safer

Dealing with airbags under the headliner board

With many of the new cars having airbags installed just above the headliner, The  upholsterers headliner technician at Ramy’s Garage  must deal with the newer vehicles just a little differently. we make sure the ignition is in the off position for the duration of our work being done. The airbags must be disengaged in order to remove the headliner material and board. If the airbags are disengaged and the ignition is turned on, the air bag warning light will come on and will have to be reset by the dealership. You don’t want to have to go through all of this hassle, so just make sure the ignition stays in the off position.