Why DIY Car Repair is not Wisest Option

untitledAir filter replacements, oil changes and flat tires are things most of us car owners can take care of ourselves. However, almost often, we end up stuck in uglier issues when we try our luck with complicated fixes.

Let’s face it, most of us have day jobs and we are not mechanics or automotive experts. Why not let the pros handle complex car problems instead of making them worse?

In this blog post, we shed light on a few car issues and why trying to fix them on your own might not be the best thing:


Most of us would agree that even the tiniest dent on our vehicle can often send us down on an OCD thought process to the point where we take things in our own hands.

We often head down to the local automotive store, grab a few products and start rubbing and pasting on the dent only to realize it has now grown bigger and looks even worse than before.

If you are not an automotive bodywork professional, drop the tools right now. You could ruin the overall appearance of your car, and not to mention, that could cost you a lot to fix professionally.

Transmission Fixes

Transmission and engines are two of the most important parts of your vehicle. Both of these parts are made of thousands of tinier parts. Even if a handful of dust makes it here, you could find yourself replacing these parts later.

If you don’t know how things work in these two parts, you could void the warranties that often come with new vehicles. Save yourself the trouble and let us take care of it.

Misinterpreting Engine Diagnostics

When you see the engine light flash on, you are instantly tempted to pop the hood and check for yourself. After all, what could be the problem? It almost always is the engine heating up, right? Wrong.

The engine check light could indicate a number of different issues and digging under the hood, pulling and plugging wires, shaking up the parts, or even dismantling something could lead to even more expensive problems. Stop driving your car and preferably have it towed to our station as soon as you see the engine light turn on.

If you are not an automotive expert, DO NOT try to fix your car yourself. We offer you highly reliable and affordable automotive repair in Houston. Just give us a call to set up an appointment today!