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Here Are Some Car Heater Maintenance Tips

Your car’s heater is a sign of smart architecture and good design. Heat to your car is supplied by the coolant circulating through the engine. A small amount of this heat passes through a series of hoses and heater valve, and is finally thrown from the heater core into your car. There is nothing more

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How Do Brake Systems Work?

You are driving along a smooth road in Minnesota with your friends. Suddenly, you see a deer walking aimlessly around the road. You hit the brakes, waiting for the car to come to a halt. And like always, it never disappoints you. But why are you so confident in your brake system? How does it

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The Cost of Repairing a Sunroof at Home

If you have a power sunroof, it can be one of the best aspects about your car. But, given the many maintenance problems it could run into, knowing when to seek professional car repairs can be worth both, your time and money. Instead of attempting to perform sunroof repairs yourself, resorting to professional mechanics will

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A Short Guide to Winter Car Care

Winter may be an ideal time to sit back, and sip your warm cup of coffee, but it certainly is not a good time of the year for your car. Without proper care and attention, your car can sustain damage and problems in myriad of ways. If you do not want to risk your car

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5 Car Noises You Should Never Ignore

You start your car like you do every morning; it seems like it’s going to be a good day! You put it in gear and start moving forward, but wait! Is that grinding noise coming from the tire? Your eyes are wide open and you are left wondering if you should really drive with that

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