Think Your Car Needs Suspension Repair? Look For These Signs…

The suspension systems on our vehicles that include shocks and struts are easily the components we take for granted most.

1But the truth is, after serving as base for tons of metal for years, the suspension wears out.

Many car owners think that the suspension is all about getting a smooth drive; therefore, it is not as important as other repairs, like brakes or oil changes.

However, in reality, a bad suspension can dramatically affect your ability to control a vehicle when turning or while driving at higher speeds.

So the question is, how do you really know if the suspension on your vehicle has gone bad?

Drifting When Turning

If the suspension system on your vehicle is failing, you will first notice slight drifting while turning. It will continue to get worse. This means that the shocks are no longer able to hold your vehicle in place against the strong centrifugal force.

Unfortunately, this problem also increases your chances of rolling over. If you feel this sensation in your vehicle, it is time to bring it down to our auto repair center in Houston.

Car Bounces Too Much

You can also easily tell if the suspension needs work by analyzing if your vehicle bounces too much.

You might be able to feel every bump in the road or turning could also imbalance your vehicle.

Nose-Dives When Braking

When the suspension is weak, you will most likely feel the body lurch forward when you brake hard. When left unattended, this problem could easily affect your ability to stop the vehicle suddenly.

Uneven Tire Treads

Sit down and look at the tires up close; do you see signs of uneven wear? Is the tire balding out unevenly? If yes, the suspension is unable to hold the car in place and is applying misaligned pressure on the tires.

Oily Shocks

If you can lean down and look under the vehicle, inspect the shocks up close. If the shocks seem greasy and have massive dust deposits on them, they are probably leaking fluids and aren’t working right. In this case, it is a better to get those shocks replaced.

As experts in auto repair in Houston, at Ramy’s Garage, we make sure that our customers are always satisfied with our services. This is why we conduct rigorous testing of your vehicle to identify and fix all problems at hand.

Bring your vehicle down to our garage and let the pros have a look at the suspension!