The Cost of Repairing a Sunroof at Home

If you have a power sunroof, it can be one of the best aspects about your car. But, given the many maintenance problems it could run into, knowing when to seek professional car repairs can be worth both, your time and money.

Instead of attempting to perform sunroof repairs yourself, resorting to professional mechanics will be important for preventing the problem from worsening.
We inspect common car sunroof problems and reveal why its maintenance can be a lot cheaper by hiring professional specialists than in your garage.

Common Sunroof Problems

The most common sunroof problems are two, leaky sunroofs and electrical issues. Leaky sunroofs cause water to drip or flow from your roof and into your car.

The result is a big mess of your car’s interior and damages its various components and your belongings. There are various methods of fixing this problem. One is to let compressed air flow into the drain tubes.

Other methods include cleaning the drain tube using a metal wire and fixing the drain seal using an electric tape on any signs of cracks or edges on the seal.

As for electrical issues, it can cause the sunroof to get stuck. This occurs due to the buildup of debris, grease, or dirt and should be cleaned after removing the glass panel using a drill or a screwdriver.

Afterwards, the sunroof gears should be inspected to ensure all are working efficiently and that the sunroof can open and close properly.

Why Hiring Professional Mechanics to Carry Sunroof Repairs Is Cheaper

The sunroof system is a lot more complicated than many would assume. A typical car sunroof consists of a master switch, a motor assembly, and system relays. Furthermore, sunroofs do not contain fuse to prevent system breakdown; instead, a circuit breaker.
For this reason, it is not advisable for car owners to operate themselves. Their lack of experience and knowledge of car sunroofs can increase the likelihood of carrying out poor repairs that will only cause the problems, as well as repair costs, to escalate.

Although performing sunroof repairs in your garage may be cheaper initially, the high possibility of poor repairs can make it a lot more expensive and waste precious time.

In conclusion, DIY sun-roof repairs are not advised due to higher instance of damage and increased costs. We at Ramy’s Garage have a car body repair shop and offer a range of automotive repair services in Houston. Please contact us today for enquiries.