Here Are Some Car Heater Maintenance Tips

Your car’s heater is a sign of smart architecture and good design. Heat to your car is supplied by the coolant circulating through the engine. A small amount of this heat passes through a series of hoses and heater valve, and is finally thrown from the heater core into your car.
There is nothing more annoying than a dysfunctional car heater in a cold winter night. Here’s what should be right if your car heater is to function effectively:
– Appropriate amount of water in the engine
– A functioning thermostat
– A functioning heater and heater controls
– A cooling system without any leaks

Some Maintenance Tips

To ensure that your car’s heater does not break down in the middle of your journey, use these car maintenance tips:

Check If there Is Enough Coolant

16The first thing you need to do when your car heater stops functioning is to check if there’s enough coolant in the engine. The coolant can be found at the header tank inside the bonnet. This tank is made of plastic and contains a cap. It is slightly above the radiator. If you see that this tank does not have coolant, you can fill it with ordinary water. You can also add antifreeze to stop water from freezing or corroding.

Check if the Thermostat Is Working Properly

17A fully functioning thermostat allows the water to move around in the engine and get heated. So even if you have enough coolant, it may not heat enough if the thermostat is not working properly.
An easy way to check if it’s working properly is to let your car’s engine run for a while and observe the dial. If after 10 minutes, your engine has gotten hot and the dial still shows cold, the problem is surely your thermostat.

See If Heater or Heater Controls Are Broken

If your thermostat is working fine, and there’s enough coolant, there is a possibility that your heater itself may get clogged or its controls may get stuck. When you turn the heater on, you can see the valve move in the bonnet. If it doesn’t, it means that the heater valve has become inefficient or the controls have stopped functioning. You can easily pull the cable off and manually move it.

Find Out If the Water Is Leaking

Leaks are not only dangerous signs for your car’s heater, they can prove to be damaging to your car’s overall health. To stop leaks, you need to first find the source. Some possible sources can be split hoses, radiators, water pumps, and head gaskets. Check all these sources and fix the leak as early as possible.
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