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Superior Auto Engine Diagnostics. Low Cost Car Engine Diagnostics and Repair.

Auto Engine Diagnostics. Superior Engines Diagnostics in Houston, Texas. Guaranteed Auto Engine Diagnostics and Repair

Auto Engines Diagnostics. We provide superior auto engine diagnostics and service in Houston, TX at lowest prices. Our auto engine diagnostics and service experts are trained to accurately diagnose the problem and offer solution. Call us today at 281-661-8180 to get your Check Engine Light issue taken care of right away.

Houston Auto Engine Diagnostics

When do you need auto engine diagnostics?

Keeping an eye on your vehicle’s dashboard for any signs of engine trouble is smart. When the light comes on telling you to check your engine, it is time to have a certified Houston auto repair specialist from Ramy’s garage and Automotive Center service your car. The first step in the process should be auto engine diagnostics. Call us now at 281-661-8180 before more damage to your vehicle.

Any of these symptoms may indicate the need for engine diagnostic services or repairs to your

  • Engine light on
  • Engine cranks but will not start
  • Rough idling
  • Pings or knocks when accelerating
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Poor performance

Ramy’s Garage technicians will inspect your engine system and perform engine diagnostics, providing you with a complete analysis of the current conditions and a repair cost estimate.

Based on the Diagnostic readings, some engine components that may need to be serviced include:

  • Emissions
  • Engine sensors, including: crank/cam sensor, oxygen sensor, airflow sensor, EGR sensor, MAP sensor, temperature sensor, throttle position sensor
  • Coil packs
  • Distributor cap and rotor
  • Ignition wires
  • Ignition module
  • Fuel pump
  • Computerized Engine Diagnostic Service

For vehicles that run poorly, stall, hesitate, suffer reduced gas mileage, or will crank but will not start, Ramy’s Garage expert technicians will perform a special computerized diagnosis that will identify the problem.

This diagnosis includes:

  • Road test
  • Complete engine performance diagnostic test
  • Fuel pressure test
  • Visual inspection of emissions system and other under hood systems.
  • Retrieve computer codes to identify potential problem areas.


We have expert technicians who have the training, experience, and expertise to provide quality auto engine diagnostics and repairs. We will ensure that your vehicles interior and exterior is protected while we work.

At Ramy’s Garage you’ll find a friendly staff that has been servicing the Houston Galleria Area since 1957. We are committed to providing you excellent and quality services with dependable warranty for your car, SUV, van, motor home or truck. We invite you to call us today and 281-661-8187 and kiss the check engine worries good bye..


Blown Head Gasket Symptoms:


  1. Coolant leaking externally from bellows the exhaust manifold.
  2. White smoke from the exhaust pipe.
  3. Overheating engine.
  4. Bubbles in the radiator or coolant overflow tank.
  5. White milky oil.
  6. Significant loss of coolant with no visible leaks.


Blown Head Gasket Symptoms

Blown Head Gasket Symptoms

On average, we save our customers around 30% on auto service. When it comes to major repairs like head gaskets.

Many shops charge way too much money. If you’re searching for a better alternative,

Ramy’s Garage can help. We have highly qualified technicians who have a passion for excellent service.

We love bringing the life back into your car