Different Types of Sunroofs Explained

Located on the roof of a vehicle, sunroof can be an incredible style statement. Not only does it add to the fun of driving, it also allows natural light and air to come in.
Whether you are trying to fix your car’s sunroof or are looking to install a new one, knowing its types can come in handy.
We at Ramy’s Garage explain its different types.

Pop-up Sunroofs

19With a manually-operated tilting panel, these sunroofs are removable. They can be opened and shut with a liver hatch, although some might have rotary crank jacking mechanism.
You can either tilt them to have a slight vent or remove them completely. These panels can be installed in almost all cars and are a relatively cost-effective option.

Spoiler Sunroofs

Also known as tilt and slides, spoiler sunroofs have the features of both the pop-up and sliding roof system.
This means that they require very little headroom. Although they do not provide a big clear opening, they do have a self-storing panel. Most spoiler sunroofs are operated electronically and include some optional features, such as integrated sunshades and automatic control systems.

Inbuilt Sunroofs

Inbuilt sunroofs are preferred by many car manufacturers. They can either have steel or glass panels, and slide between metal roof and interior headliner (which means loss of some head space).

It should be noted that these sunroofs may not be suitable for all kinds of vehicles as they need to slide and fit completely within the vehicle’s roof.

Folding Sunroofs

Also known as rag tops, folding sunroofs are a convenient sunroof option for many drivers. Traditionally used in Europe, they have now made their way into the American market. They are made of fabric (vinyl) and provide an opening that is similar to the one in convertibles. Previously, they were manually operated, but with advances in technology, electronically powered ones have become very common.

Panoramic Sunroofs

These are one of the most expensive options. Containing both fixed and moveable glass panels, they can be installed in the front and rear parts of a vehicle. They have become a standard in high-end luxury cars.

Removable Roof Panels

Also referred to as T-tops or Targa roofs, these panels offer a wider opening as they can open towards the side windows. They contain two removable glass panels and form a T-shaped structure.
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