Auxiliary HAVC Ram ProMaster City


Rear auxiliary VAC tie-in system utilizes existing compressor and condenser for auxiliary cooling of cargo area.

Rear VAC Unit | Ramys Garage Houston TX

The London is a low-profile (4.9 inch), horizontal cooling unit.

The Oakland unit has a cooling capacity of 13,500 BTU. It can be mounted to cargo area ceiling, against bulkhead partition with air delivered rearward or against wall surface with air delivered inboard. These locations offer minimal refrigerant, coolant and condensate drain plumbing and wire harness routing.





Cooling Capacity

13,500  BTU/h
Refrigerant R134A
Nominal Voltage 12V
Max. Power Consumption @ 12V


Max. Air Flow Evaporator Blower 265 cfm
Dimensions L x W x H 15.4 x 9.25 x 4.9 in
Weight 7.7 lbs.

Product Specifcations

IMG_2732__Custom_Vehicle Integration – Cooling
The Oakland VAC is tied into the Ram ProMaster City OEM front HVAC for cooling and utilizes the vehicle’s existing in-line condenser and compressor. A Webasto machined aluminum T-Block connects the refrigerant loop to the factory from HVAC TXV.

IMG_2746__Custom_Control Unit
Controller with on/off switch and variable fan speed is standard. The controller is packaged in-dash, or can be located anywhere inside the vehicle.