A Short Guide to Understanding Your Car’s A/C

When summers are here, we need that chilling air blasting through our vehicle’s air-conditioner to beat the sweltering heat. But do you really know how it works?

For starters, this is no ice machine. In fact, the air blown through the vents is actually warm air that is cooled down through a multi-stage process.

How It Works

Once you turn the air-conditioner on, the compressor condenses the refrigerant, eventually increasing its temperature. All of the heat is lost as the air moves through the condenser (radiator like thing).

The air is then pushed throughout the receiver where the contaminants are eliminated and then through the expansion valve. This make the air slow down further and lose temperature.

The evaporator then comes into play. The evaporator is similar to a small radiator behind the dashboard and it gets cold as it further decreases the temperature down while eliminating humidity from the air. A blower blows air through the chilled evaporator and releases cold air into the cabin. That’s how you receive that blast of refreshing air.

Recharging Intervals

untitled5If you are lucky enough, your air-conditioning system will work its entire life without a recharge. However, in most cases, car owners need to recharge the coolant at least once or twice. The most obvious sign is when you start noticing that that the air-conditioner is no longer blowing cool air. No brainer, right.

Since the entire system is supposed to be sealed, increasing temperature could indicate a leak in the system or could also mean that a part of the system is gradually failing.

What Are The Parts That Make Up The A/C System?

The air-conditioning system is made of five main cooling parts, all of these parts work together to keep you cool. Most modern systems include:
•Expansion valve

At What Intervals Should The A/C System Be Inspected?

Do you feel that the air-conditioning system is cool enough? If you answer ‘yes’ you can cut out A/C inspection.

If you think that the A/C isn’t cool enough or it is taking longer than it should, don’t think twice before having the system inspected. In most cases, the repairs or refills take under an hour and you will be back to cooler, refresher days in your vehicle.

Make sure that you choose reliable car air-conditioner repair service technicians. At Ramy’s Garage, our technicians have helped a number of clients tackle air-conditioning problems and keep their cars cool for years! Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can help.