5 Car Noises You Should Never Ignore

You start your car like you do every morning; it seems like it’s going to be a good day! You put it in gear and start moving forward, but wait! Is that grinding noise coming from the tire? Your eyes are wide open and you are left wondering if you should really drive with that noise or park the car and take a cab to work.
3Most of us panic when we hear unexplainable noises coming from our vehicles. However, it is never something a reliable auto repair expert can’t fix.
The tricky part is identifying these noises and taking the right steps at the right time.

Here are 5 car noises you should always look out for:

1-Metal Grinding When You Brake

If you have left the brakes unattended for a long period, you may start hearing grinding noises whenever you use them.
Even though some braking systems may squeal during colder temperatures, extreme grinding should never be ignored. The reason could probably be worn out brake pads that may be grinding against the drum. Stay safe by taking the car to your local auto repair expert as soon as possible.

2-Squealing Noise From Wheel

A squealing noise often indicates a failing bearing. The noise will typically grow louder as you go faster. Having the bearing replaced will keep the tire in place and allow you to drive safely at a faster speed.

3-Tapping Noise From Engine

There might be a lot of noises coming from the engine compartment, but listen closely.
If you hear metallic tapping noises, it may be low on oil. Once you stop the car, let it sit for a few minutes.
Check the oil dipstick to assess oil levels. Remember, low oil levels may end up turning into costly engine repairs.

4-Hissing From Engine

If the engine compartment hisses while driving or after switching the engine off, it could be sign of a coolant problem. If the temperature light is also flashing, avoid driving your vehicle. Extremely high temperatures might damage your engine to the point where you may need to replace it.

5-Extreme Roaring From Exhaust

If the exhaust system is leaky, it will roar loudly, particularly when you are driving faster. The noise isn’t going to hurt any component of the vehicle, but it can be uneasy for you and the passengers.

Not to mention that if left unattended, the exhaust can also make it to the passenger cabin. An auto repair expert can weld the broken exhaust joints together to seal the system and eliminate the noise.

For the best performance and reliability, have your vehicle inspected regularly and make sure you address all problems as soon as you notice them. Get in touch with us or head right down for complete auto repair in Houston.